The company, being specialized in foreign trade, is in a position to satisfact each requirement of its clients with a range of complementary services. In fact, Alimenco s.r.l. can insure the goods against risks of damages during the shipment.
Other integrated services: certification of origin, health certification, quality certification, inspection certification, marine chartering for the transportation of goods etc.

Custom Services

The company acquits with efficiency and competence all customs formalities (export - transit - change - customs deposit and so on).
Alimenco s.r.l. continues to assist its clients always after the shipment.


The pluriennal experience in the sector of the export, united to the capacity to elaborate custom-made solutions, make Alimenco s.r.l. an ideal partner for all the companies of the foreign alimentary sector. The company coordinates and checks all the phases of goods life cycle (production, supply, transport, loading, stockage, shipment and delivery-door to door) simultaneously providing a careful help for all the administrative practices. The transportation of the goods to the destination is generally made by sea in containers, leaving from the principal italian harbours like Salerno and Naples. The company, making use of the best navigation companies, can reach any port, and is always updated about shipments. For this purpose, Alimenco s.r.l. works usually with Maersk Sealand, MSC, Ignazio Messina & C., China Shipping Containers Lines Co. Ltd, and so on.


The company provides further services of value added which are essential for the maintenance of high qualitative standards and for a perfect assistance to the customer. The company practically manages and provides all the documentation necessary for the sale of the goods: certificates of origin, certificates of the quality of goods, health certificates and conformity, origin declarations, certificates for registration at NAFDAC, certificates of the importing countries obligatory to clear the goods and however all other documents requested by importing states and the foreign trade. In special, quolity and origin are convalidated and attested by reliable laboratories and organisms of certification and officially recognized by the competent authorities.
To guarantee the certainty and the quickness of deliveries, the company is very careful to the movements of the market. Therefore, Alimenco s.r.l. coordinates times of production with shipments and loadings in order to optimise selling process and assure punctual deliveries of goods. In such a way, the company succeeds in satisfying requirements of timelinesses of its clients, with the guarantee of a high-quality product.