Innovation and new products

Too many other canned products found there way to the consumer , especially when consumers are trying to diversify their diet.
Alimenco is mastering the production of new items like lentils, black beans and Quinoa, to help the consumer live better. Canned Quinoa could be made in 1 color, or mixed between 2 or 3 colors white, black and red. We Produce both conventional and organic.

Baked beans

Baked beans, being in every hotel breakfast and on the majority of breakfast tables in England and English-influenced countries. Alimenco produce multiple Baked beans recipes, some are inspired by the preference of English people, and the others are inspired by the behavior of people intending to eat healthier. We found solution to eliminate the starch , artificial ingredients and the processed sugar from the baked beans, by keeping the same sensory profile.
Alimenco s.r.l.
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