About us

About Us

“The company Alimenco s.r.l. was born in Naples, in 1994, from the idea of a young businessman Maurizio Staempfli, for wholesale trade of various food products, originated in Italy and well known all over the world.
In this sector the name Staempfli was already famous, this family lied its name to the tradition of canned foods and alimentary pasta.
Since 1994, Alimenco s.r.l. has been growing from year to year owing to the farsightedness of its management and the managerial capacities of its founder.
The development of the company was also supported by the alliance with consolidated industrial partner both in Italy and China.
Alimenco s.r.l. is already present on the international market with profitable results ,as our primary aim is always to select "the best products for its consumers". We invite you to visit our website and do not hesitate to contact us for further information at the email address:
The company is located in one of the best zones of the country, where both the climate and the position, support the selection of best local products from southern Italy and direct connections to various ports of destination of the goods.”